A visit to WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes

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The WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes, London, a paradise for wildlife photographers & budding tv presenters alike, this conservation area along with others dotted around the country was started by founder Sir Peter Scott (the son of Antarctic explorer Captain Scott) and was built with bringing the public closer to wildlife in mind. Walking around the vast wetlands makes you feel very tranquil and certainly at one with nature even though you are just a stones throw from Barnes town centre ~ you’d never know it!

I was there today for the last couple of hours and even thought the rain tried it’s best to put a dampener on it I managed to get a couple of snaps, particularly of the amazing Asian short-clawed otters! so playful these animals, just full of life and hardly stay still for a second! unlike the wise old Heron you can see perched on a fence in the photo below, how this guy stays still for such long periods of time I’ll never understand ~ maybe it’s some kinda yoga thing for birds! enjoy the photos and if you haven’t been I can throughly recommend the Wetland Centre.


One of the four Asian short-clawed otters calling out under the waterfall


Otter enjoying a swim


Two Asian short-clawed otters hanging out with each other


Out of the water and on the ponds bank, but not for long ~ these guys don’t like to stay still for even one second!


Herons on the other hand can stay still for hours giving me enough time to get my tripod out and compose this shot ~ really happy with the colours in this after some fine tuning in PP


Five minutes after leaving the Heron in the above photograph I caught him flying off and I quickly snapped this shot!


One of the many huts dotted around the wildlife centre, looking at this makes me wonder who’s gonna pop up round the corner?!

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