Australia & Thailand Trip 2004 ~ Part One

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In March 2004 myself and a friend set off to visit Australia, particularly Melbourne to visit a mutual friend & expat Rob who moved over there a year earlier, we also stayed in Sydney for about a week where my travelling buddy Simon had arranged to travel up the coast so I had a few days to myself before I flew home via Singapore.

Before reaching Oz we planned to visit Thailand for a week as well, which was just amazing and full of surprises (we even bumped into some old friends of mine whilst we were over there, a couple I know who were having some sort of argument in a bus bookings office! ended up travelling out of sweltering Bangkok down to the islands with them, although we were lucky to make it in one piece due to a very dodgy coach driver who what seemed to be on some local ‘pick-me-up’ drug that kept him from noticing a burst tire for quite some time! there’s a pic of that tire in the photos below…). I did take a camera with me (and a video camcorder), a pretty rubbish point & shoot one though and set on the smallest resolution hence size’s of the photos, and I’ve organized them here in these slider gallery’s to make viewing a lot easier…

The Thailand & Singapore Photo Slider

(Note: The image sliders above & below might take a few seconds to load on a slow internet connection as there’s about 60 images to view, and especially on mobile devices, but you know what they say ~ patience is a virtue and all that business..)

After relaxing on the beaches of Thailand for a week we flew to Melbourne, Australia to meet our expat friend & skater Rob!

The Melbourne Photo Slider

Here’s a video of the skating part of Melbourne, Rob took us to some great parks and we had a lot of fun on those wooden planks! but as the saying goes ‘All good things must come to an end’ and the stack I took at the end actually was quite a painful scrape I can tell you! still got a tiny scar on my arm as a memory…


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