Exploring Northern France: A Fun Cycle Touring Adventure!

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Exploring Northern France on a cycling tour is a great way to explore the country in an active and exciting adventure. Not only will you get to explore the stunning countryside and experience the culture, but you’ll also get to explore with your own two feet! Join me on a journey as I share my experience of a pedal-powered trek through Northern France.

A Pedal-Powered Trek Through Northern France

When it comes to cycle touring, Northern France is one of the best places to explore. From the stunning coastline of Normandy to the charming villages and vineyards of the Somme, there are countless sights and experiences waiting to be discovered. I embarked on a two-week cycling tour, starting in the city of Lille and taking me through some of the most picturesque and historical regions of Northern France. As I pedalled my way through the countryside, I encountered quaint towns and cities, picturesque villages, rolling vineyards and of course, some of the best cuisine France has to offer.

Check out my YouTube video of cycle touring trip video around Northern France

If you want to get an idea of what cycle touring in Northern France is like, then check out my YouTube video of my cycling tour. I cover everything from my experiences of cycling along the canals and countryside and exploring the historical sites. It’s a great way to get a first-hand look at what the Northern France has to offer.

Northern France is a cyclist’s paradise, full of breathtaking scenery, unique experiences and plenty of fun. So, why not join me on a pedal-powered trek through Northern France and discover the beauty of this amazing country for yourself?

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