How a Carnaby Snaps photo was used in Eastbourne Festival Promo

Liked the photos?

Just got word from on how he used my photo in his design for the upcoming Eastbourne Festival of Arts and Culture. I snapped this whilst on a trip to Beachy Head, Eastbourne in 2014, it’s a shot taken from up on the white cliffs and Tom contacted me after finding my image via a Google search and was keen to use the photo as it had the right foreground for his idea and also shows the pier before the fire burnt it down last summer.

I think it looks great the way Tom has used a time lapse sequence cutting out the grassy foreground (you can see in the original photo below how this would work well) and adding the promo shots of what to see at the festival!

Check out more of Tom Gillings work at Vivid Designs

The view of Eastbourne as seen from Beachy Head

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