InterRail Trips ~ Europe 1996|97|98 Photos ~ Part One

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As I’ve mentioned in the About section of CS, I first started taking photos in 1996 on my second InterRail journey around Europe (wish I had thought about a camera for the first time I took the Euro route the year before but I was more interested in skateparks & skating that time..) and also took some more the following year when I went for a third time running. On both occasions I had no experience with cameras and was using disposable ones hence why I’ve decided to pick out 100 sketchy snaps of my favourite’s, and have put together four blog posts with a neat little image slider in each of them.

Travelling Europe was a real eye opener for me and something I will never forget ~ if it wasn’t for some great skater friends, Pete King & James, I probably would never have got that good ol’ travel bug or left my mind numbing job at Waitrose at the time ~ big cheers to those dudes! so over the period of 1995 to 1998 I InterRailed through the countries of Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungry, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain & France with various friends and it was a really great experience that I would never forget, I’d recommend to anybody pondering about InterRailing, go for it.

Part One contains images from Copenhagen in Denmark, mostly skateboarding & colourful graffiti pieces, I visited this place about five times in all ~ a very cool and relaxed pace of city life goes on over there…

(Note: The image slider above might take a few seconds to load on a slow internet connection as there’s 25 images to view, and especially on mobile devices, but you know what they say ~ patience is a virtue and all that business..)

The silver line is the journey I done in 1997 and in ’96 very similar with added places, the red lines


This is the InterRail ticket for the whole journey in 1997

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