InterRail Trips ~ Europe 1996|97|98 Photos ~ Part Two

Liked the photos?

Throughout the summers of 1995 to 1998 I InterRailed around the countries of Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungry, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain & France and here are some of my favourite photo’s that I’ve scanned in for you to see…

Part Two contains more images from Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm in Sweden ~ the famous ‘Cold Store’ skatepark, Olso, Norway and a festival I went to there and saw The Prodigy, Berlin, Germany ~ the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which was bombed in WWII and left to show the destruction of war and a bit of the Berlin wall…

(Note: The image slider above might take a few seconds to load on a slow internet connection as there’s 25 images to view, and especially on mobile devices, but you know what they say ~ patience is a virtue and all that business..)

The silver line is the journey I done in 1997 and in ’96 very similar with added places, the red lines


This video section I made using old footage from a Hi8 Camcorder me and my friends took with us on one of the Europe trips (the skateparks in the photos above)  ~ the first park, Faelledparken is now some bog standard concrete affair compared to the fun wooden & concrete hand-built park it was in this video, plus the uber cool ‘Cold Store‘skatepark in Stockholm, Sweden ~ that crazy mini ramp is no longer there, so this really is a piece of history you are watching! 😉

Freetown Christiania is considered a commune of Copenhagen hippy/travellers, this flyer was produced to stop the closure of the town in 2011 but is now open again

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