Kings Cross Station ~ Hidden Tunnel Timelaspe

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Hidden tunnel? Kings Cross Station? what?! well yes, I suppose you could call this a ‘hidden tunnel’ because even when I asked at your friendly station help desk even the staff weren’t too sure just exactly where this quirky underpass (which link St Pancras International and King’s Cross St Pancras Underground stations), even with a photo I showed them from my phone! also when I was there I must have seen a total of about ten people walk through it in about half an hour, considering this is one of the busiest stations in the UK that’s not many commuters.

The tunnel kinda reminds me the opening scene from the original Star Wars film, where we see Darth Vader and a bunch of Storm Troopers battling out the Rebellion in a spaceship corridor (or something like that, cue SW fan…). Apart from the sleek curves of the ceiling and walls, there’s an LED integrated lightwall that comes on in random phases ~ it’s actually quite relaxing to walk up and down this place! the design is by the Light Lab and you can read more about it over here…

I found this place whilst searching for some good photography spots in London and it was ideal to test out the timelapse function on my camera ~ check out the quick video I made above. Note: To watch in full HD’ mode click on HD in the bottom right hand corner and use that link to the Vimeo page.

‘Probably’ the most relaxing tunnel in town…

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