Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

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This was a great discovery after looking for another Japanese garden situated in Camden I came across this park, Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, London. The actual Japanese garden is just part of the bigger park itself and it’s great place to walk around and relax, also there is some awesome sculptures to look out for including ‘Walking Man’ by Sean Henry & ‘Annunciation’ by Andrew Burton.

Panorama of Kyoto Garden ~ taken on an iPhone would you believe! click to view a special Zooming Pano version of this photo…


Close-up of the waterfall, very peaceful…


Koi windsocks hang over the pond ~ can you spot the Heron?


Curious Peacock


I was planning on getting a shot of the mini statue but these pigeons flew into view but I also think it adds a bit of action to the scene


Sign at the entrance to Kyoto Garden ~ in Japanese and English


Face to face with ‘Walking Man’


Just outside the garden is an amazing life-like sculpture called the ‘Walking Man’ by Sean Henry


‘Walking Man’ by Sean Henry, installed in Holland Park in 1998 ~ it’s so cool this!


And here he is in full sight ~ ‘Walking Man’ by Sean Henry


This is another cool sculpture in the main park and is called ‘Annunciation’ by Andrew Burton

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