London Photo Catch Up Twenty Fifteen

Liked the photos?

Having missed out on climbing up The Monument to the Great Fire of London last time I was in the city, I took the opportunity of having a spare sunny day last Tuesday to give it another go and was impressed with the views ~ even with the netting in the way!

After editing these photo’s I found some other snaps from London around Winter time last year and decided it’s about time for a London post! there’s some from The British Museum (a few more of those appearing soon) and also the Royal Albert Hall, the new skeleton horse fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square and that crazy blue beam of light, the Spectra coming out of The Houses of Parliment.

A few of these will be going in my portfolio too, enjoy the snaps and your kind comments at the bottom of this page are always welcome!

The Grand Foyer in The British Museum has a nice open n’ airy feel about it as you can see here


Totem pole made of wood in the foyer of The British Museum


The view from the Monument to the Great Fire of London is a pretty awesome one but trying to take a photo with the netting in the way is a pain, after about half an hour up there I noticed that there were some stretched netting bits dotting around as you can see in the sidebar photo that was my solution ~ a tip if you ever go up there!


After finding a gap in the netting and switching to a wide angle lens, this HDR of the Shard and a tasty sun setting in the background is what I come up with ~ check out the guy in the bottom right hand corner of the photo, think he’s enjoying the view!


The constant building of a city ~ really like the crane in this HDR view of the city, Cheese Grater, the Gherkin & The Walkie-Talkie in the background ~ almost sounds like some kind of kid’s snack…


Tower Bridge from Fire Monument, courtesy of the mega zoom!


The 311 steps of the winding staircase to the top of the Monument


The Royal Albert Hall as seen on a cloudy day, like the glass dome at the top against the backdrop of the sky!


‘Gift Horse’ by Hans Haacke in Trafalgar Square


‘It came from outer space…’ The big blue light installation called Spectra by Japanese sound and light artist Ryoji Ikeda part of the WW1 Centenary Art Commissions in London.

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