Margate Day Trips Part One – Broadstairs and Margate

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Welcome to Part One of my Margate Photography Day Trip adventures, after checking out the photo’s in this article please head over to Margate Day Trips Part Two – Whitstable and Margate to see Part Two.

If you’ve been checking out my site over the last month or so you would have noticed a new set of photo’s and a video short in the Portfolio section titled ‘Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate‘ (click on the link if you haven’t seen them yet), these were taken from my first ever short break to Margate in July of this year and from that trip I discovered that the journey to and fro to Margate, including the coastal towns along that way, is quite doable in a day and works out roughly about 2.5hrs traveling time.

Since then I’ve taken two more additional day trips to the coastal town of Margate stopping off and checking out some more of Broadstairs and also Whitstable, both very nice relaxing towns by the sea with interesting stuff to photograph whilst enjoying the sea air and getting away from the hustle n’ bustle of London life.

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Rock pools and seaweed on Louisa Bay beach, Broadstairs


Man made swimming pool situated on Viking Bay beach, Broadstairs


Row of beach huts along Viking Bay beach, Broadstairs


Southern Railway beach hut design stopped at Viking Bay, Broadstairs


Another clever beach hut design, Kraken sea monster at Viking Bay, Broadstairs


A must if you ever visit Broadstairs and Viking Beach is Morellis, been there since 1932 and can’t be beaten for a quality ice cream!


The first rainbow I’ve seen which doesn’t have a start or end? very strange goings-on here in Broadstairs


Just outside Broadstairs train station is Crampton Tower Museum and that’s the flint tower part of it.



I like the almost gothic designs of these beach houses along the backstreets of Margate seafront


This 1964 iconic brutalist bit of architecture along the seafront of Margate is Arlington House – I dig it!


Many a sunset has been watched from Fort Hill in Margate, in fact if you follow me on Instagram you would see a timelapse movie I took there!


The ‘End of Empire’ installation by Yinka Shonibare at the Turner Contemporary in Margate


Close up of the ‘End of Empire’ seesaw exhibit by Yinka Shonibare


A boat stranded in the bay of Margate beach when the tide has gone out


A man searching for metal objects on the beach at Margate – “ahh… a metal spoon!”


Sunset over Margate beach, a beautiful cloud formation with crepuscular rays too!


Southeastern Rail Javelin train at Margate station, this high speed train gets up to speeds of 140mph!


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