Ockham Home Of The Disused Wisley Airport

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A couple of weeks ago I took a trip with the folks to Ockham Common in Surrey, it’s got some really cool woods around there as well as a hidden pond (though I wouldn’t venture out there at night after what I’ve read on the net, some strange goings-on in the car parks!), trekking out a little bit further though takes you to the site of the now disused Wisley Airfield which used to be used in WW2 as a runway for small aircraft, but having Heathrow just round the corner the airfield was shut in 1973 and now appears to be part of a farm with all the equipment lying around!

You have to walk through several fields to get to it but it’s a good find when you see it and you can still see the runway numbers (albeit bit worn out) on the tarmac plus some strange radar tower thing that looks almost alien!! it’s actually been used as a filming location for Steven Spielberg film War Horse in 2010, pretty cool huh? well here below is what I snapped, enjoy!


View of Wisley Pond from the reeds


Butterfly perched on a blackberry leaf in Ockham Woods


Private Property


Dramatic Runway 2B of Wisley Airfield


Tractor on former runway of Wisley Airfield


Leftover Radar Tower at Wisley Airfield


A deserted Wisley Airfield


Wheat field by Wisley Airport

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