Starfield Launch Event @ Samsung KX London

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After putting a good 70+ hours into this game I cannot’ recommend it to anyone! Bethesda has really disappointed me with this release after waiting for such a long time for it to come out and what was promised! The graphics for a Bethesda are indeed much better and the planet themes do look fantastic but unfortunately the main core rpg elements are what make a game like this and it has been totally ruined by forcing ‘modern day identity politics’ into the characters and story! it’s totally immersion breaking! the main story is bland, boring, dumbed-down & predictable, the characters just the same! there is no fun or soul from past game entries that made a Bethesda game a ‘Bethesda game’! and from the looks of it a lot of true Bethesda fans are in agreement. Instead of wasting money on this I would suggest spending it on their much, much better & far superior games from the past! I would recommend ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion‘, ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘, ‘Fallout 3‘ & Obsidian’s ‘Fallout: New Vegas‘, also for a space RPG the original & best ‘Mass Effect‘ game series cannot be beaten! check out some of my game recommendations here. It really is a shame to see this once great game company fall into the trap that many have of pleasing the investors goals and terrible esg scores instead of making a game for their loyal fans. I certainly won’t be spending another dime on anything Bethesda make in the future.

Now I had not been a avid ‘gamer’ (as they are called these days – computer nerds back in my day!) since my school/college days but ever since the covid pandemic, being stuck at home, I’ve gained a new found love for console gaming and one company in particular makes some of my most memorable games and they are know as Bethesda. Bethesda’s has made what I consider the best games to ever grace PC & Console – the Elder Scrolls franchise, including the Fantasy RPG (Role-playing) games Oblivion & Skyrim (I have waaay too many hours logged in this game!) and took over the post-apocalyptic Fallout game franchise with my favourites titles being Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas (made by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda) in fact Bethesda has been making games since the early PC days, ‘Gridiron!’ released on the Amiga & Atari ST (of which I was a proud owner) back in 1986!

Now finally after a long wait of 25 years (and for me since 2020 when I first got back into gaming), Bethesda has just released it’s first IP (intellectual property) since Elder Scrolls, ‘Starfield’, it’s brand new RPG set in space on Wednesday 6th September 2023 and I spotted a launch event happening on the day before to celebrate the London launch in Samsung KX, Kings Cross so I headed up there to see what it about and take the photo’s you see below, it was so cool to see one of the new game companions in a life-sized model! I’ve also included some screenshots of the actual game below from my time with it so far – enjoy!


A few of my early game screenshots

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