The Windrush Generation – Adopting Britain at The Southbank Centre

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Kinda bumped into this mini Windrush Generation exhibition by mistake as I had just popped into The Southbank Centre to use the toilets and noticed all the circled paper below, so I went and checked it out and found it to be very interesting. Titled ‘Adopting Britain‘ it’s part of the Southbank Centre’s Changing Britain festival which interrogates 70 years of British history, focusing on society, culture and politics. Adopting Britain explores the struggles of migration to the UK with some of the personal stories of migrants and refugees and their contribution made to the British economic and social landscape.

It’s well worth a visit if you’re in town, lots of interesting facts & photos to see what’s more it’s free ~ open from Friday 17 April – Sunday 6 September 2015.

‘Where do you come from?’ members of the public have written their stories on theses paper disks


Rastafarian-style cap made by London Underground to accommodate dreadlocks


‘Forced to leave’ If you had to leave your own country with one bag to live in Britain, which five items would you bring with you?


“Your Morals, Principles & Positivity” Francis gets my vote, great tag!


Like the Lord Kitchener album cover in this 1950/60s style living room



Poster of a female public service conductor from the Caribbean

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