Breakfast mugshot. This morning the sea fog had lifted!
A old coal waggon used as flower pot in Levant
Another interesting use of a mining wagon! I'm in no doubt that this was a ex-miner's home - it was situated between Levant Mine and Geevor Tin Mine!
This looked like a good place to have a break - pasty and a coke ready to be consumed...
Arrival at Geevor Tin Mine and in front of it stands a statue built by Colin Caffell, a memorial for the St Just district mining legacy at Geevor Tin Mine
The layout of Geevor Tin Mine in a very handy sign
Nice view of the mine and the sea - the Victory Shaft standing tall towards the left of the photo
My lunch on the table and what a beautiful view from the mine's cafe
The rust on these gas holders gives away a clue of how hardy machinery was 60 years ago!
Information plaque: Compressor House
The Compressor House and the three big Sentinel Air Compressors
One of the Sentinel Air Compressors that powered the compressed-air Powered rock drills used in the mine
Plaque of one of the Sentinel Air Compressors made in Glasgow
Compressed-Air Powered Rock Drills
Information plaque: Examples of Compressed-Air Powered Rock Drills
The Clayton 1¾ Tonne Loco with 1 Tonne Wagon used to pull ore in the mine
Information plaque: Clayton 1¾ Tonne Loco with 1 Tonne Wagon
The Chevron Gear Wheel - supplied in 1954 as a spare for the 'Electric Winder' and cast in one piece!
The switchgear that turned on the transformers to power the mine, built by Crompton Parkinson Ltd. England
Close-up of the switchgear
Information plaque: Victory Sub-Station
A selection of different type fuses used in the sub-station