At the entrance to 'The Dry' (the miners clocking in/out, changing rooms etc.) you will find the site foreman's office with original documents and desks intact
To tour Geevor Tin Mine you must wear a safety hat which add's to the whole experience - your's truly as a miner for the day!
The famous 'clocking in/out' room that also leads to the changing rooms
Imagine the hustle and bustle of this room when the mine was in full swing!
A genuine clocking in/out machine - this is timeless history right here!
Margaret Thatcher and miners did not see eye to eye as this classic poster from the time shows
Classic Maxpax coffee and tea machines in the changing rooms
If these changing rooms could talk. Walking around these rooms was kinda eerie in a way, the lived in feeling of these lockers, stickers still on them, clothing and boots scattered around, it's as if the place was stuck in time, a good thing I might add!
Information plaque: SAD CRUEL APRIL 1986
Miners photo: Dougie Rowe and John Gendall, Victory Shaft
Miner photo: Stuart Keast (Beaky)
Miners photo: Drilling in the mine
Greevor Miners & Staff Reunion 2009 & 2010
Some of the original stickers stuck on the locker doors in the miners changing rooms
Drying room
The showers - now I bet some stories were shared here!
The door at the end in this photo leads to a short corridor which end's up at the main hoisting shaft, miners coming up from the tunnels would pass miners waiting to go down to them
Information plaque: The Mill at work
Here the public could have a go at separating the Tin Ore from Mine Rocks, it was closed at the time I was there
The picking belt where any rock that did not contain any mineral was removed by hand
Information plaque: Picking Belt
Shaking Tables used to Separate Tin Ore from Mined Rocks
Information plaque: Shaking Tables
Part of the grinding machinery
Information plaque: Grinding Mill
These two ball mill machines tumble the ore with heavy steel balls to break down the ore
Poem about Botallack Mine which is just up the coast from Geevor Tin Mine