The Victory Shaft and the steel cables (attached to the miners cage in the shaft) that lead into the Winder House
Information plaque: Winder House
The electric winder and the driver's cab in the Winder House
Plaque detailing the electric winder's build
Information plaque: The Driver's Cab
The complicated controls for the electric winder inside the driver's cab
Victory Shaft Winder Maurice Trembath inside the driver's cab
The roll's of steel cable for the electric winder - 28mm thick
Victory Shaft cage that fits four miners
Information plaque: Four Man Cage
Information plaque: The Steam Winder
The old steam winder c.1923 and was replaced in 1954 by the electric winder
The mine rescue room
The Proto Apparatus which helped rescuers breath incase of fire in the mine tunnels
Information plaque: Proto Apparatus
Your's truly standing in front of the awesome Victory Shaft of Geevor Tin mine
The entrance to the mine shaft - 260ft deep (and that's just to the bottom of the mine shaft, the tunnels go deeper!)
Cornwall's DEEPEST Donation Box
Diagram showing the local mining shafts
Entrance to the Victory mine shaft and a Clayton 1¾ Tonne Loco waiting to be lifted down
The Landing House - miners would wait here, chat, have a cuppa, before heading into the cage that descended into the mine shaft
A small cooker (the equivalent of a microwave in the 80's) in the Landing House
Information plaque: Drill Shop
Steel drill machine used to fix drilling poles
Information plaque: Holman Stoping Machines
Inside the Drill Shop