Imagine my surprise when I turned this corner to find a West Highland cow in my path! after waiting for it to do it's thing I headed on up to the Carn Galver Engine House you can see on the left
This is the long scenic road that links where I just came from Botallack to St Ives where I'm heading, about 12 miles ride give or take
This journey was one of the most gruelling ones of the trip and this hill defeated me as I had to walk up it - the woman that just passed me was on a electric bike which was lucky for her!
On arrival in St ives I headed to the sea front and watched these waves smash against these buildings
An apt mural for the fishing town of St Ives
My camping spot up on Lower Penderleath Farm - spacious and free!
Birdies Bistro - spotted this on my way into Hayle and was a perfect stop off for brunch
A amazing 'Birdies Burger' meal and a seat overlooking the RSPB's Hayle nature reserve
A Snipe bird I spotted whilst having my brunch at Birdies
The town of Hayle was a important cog in the wheel of the Industrial Revolution
This Crimean Siege Mortar dates back to 1856
Information plaque: Crimean Siege Mortar
I've seen a few of these on my cycling trips! very handy! built by the National Cycle Network that spans the whole of England, they are usually sponsored by banks or local companies and each one has a unique design
This is Hayle Beach just outside St Ives, and as tradition has it I managed to dip my toes in the sea!
Pretty street overlooking Porthminster Beach and the harbour in the distance
The biggest meringue I've ever seen!
Porthminster Beach, St Ives
A 'end of journey' selfie at St Ives just before I take the long journey back to London
St Ives train station is literally the end of the line and is also the start of my journey back home - goodbye Cornwall! it's been quite the adventure! :)