The museum & original airport entrance
Radar from the old Malaga airport
This Malaga's first ever terminal building here at Malaga's first ever airport - the El Rompedizo
Inside the museum you can enter the front section of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airplane
Iberia Costa Del Sol specific airplane models
Various memorabilia from the golden era of when Malaga first open it's doors to tourists
One of the first airport computers used for ticketing
Aboard the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airplane - these are the first class seats of the day!
The flight deck of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 airplane
Detail of the flight deck - just mind boggling those controls!
The flight attendant's galley
Where all those airplane meals get heated up - the flight attendant's galley
Poster featuring all the Iberia airplanes from 1927 - 1998
Photo of the Convair 440 Iberia plane in 1960 at the original Malaga airport - your see the real thing in a bit!
This is just one of the four cabinets chocked full of every model plane there is
Detail of those cabinet models
GB Airways - a UK airline founded in 1931
The Boeing 747-400, nicknamed the 'Jumbo Jet'
A Iberia airlines plane, the most popular Spanish airline
Austrian Air Force captains hat
Side view of Malaga's first ever airport - the El Rompedizo
This is the original entrance to the airport's terminal - models and all!
Of to the departures hall which is now a archive of the airports history
Really well designed poster of this early Paris to London airplane advert
This building holds a great deal of information and large blue prints of the original and new Malaga airports
Aerial view of the new Malaga airport runway
Scaled model of the original Malaga airport, the El Rompedizo, that I'm standing in as I view this
The entrance to the new Malaga airport