I took a ferry from Ouchy, Lausanne over to Evian (Évian-les-Bains) in France, it takes about 30 mins to cross Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and then your in France!
The Swiss flag waves in the light wind at the back of Lausanne to Evian ferry
Looking out over the tranquil Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) from the ferry to Evian
The prestigious looking 'Casino d'Evian' in Evian designed and built by Albert Hébrard in 1912
Interesting swan water fountain I spotted in Evian
Map showing the layout of the town of Evian (Évian-les-Bains) which is famous for its spring water 'Evian' amongst other things!
Walking the streets of Evian and there is some interesting architecture to be found
Building of the funicular in Evian finished around 1913 and carried passengers up from the casino to the hotels further up the hillside, it closed in 1969 but was opened up again in 2002 after six years of renovation work!
The carriages of the funicular going up the hillside, I took up the funicular on the way up but decided to walk down to the waterfront which took about 25 mins
The cable pulley system that pulls the carriages up the hillside
One of the six funicular decorative stations on the route
Arrival at the last station of funicular and this upper station is at the level of the Grange au lac, it has a great little wooden building that houses the machinery of the funicular
Decorative plaque for the Evian funicular
The ornamental facade of the Hotel de Ville in Evian c.1927
My ferry to return to Lausanne