My rainy departure point for today - the Interlaken Ost (Interlaken West) railway station and a misty Hardermatte mountain in the background
For the start of my 4.5 hours trip to Lugano I managed to travel on the 'Luzern Interlaken Express' which took me through some gorgeous scenery but did not make the best photo opportunities due to the rain - this shot wasn't too bad though!
The fantastic church building behind this town house is the same one from the previous photo - just a slice of life in these mountain towns!
My goal today was to get from rain to sunshine, I had the Swiss Pass which is like a big travelcard for Switzerland so could take any journey! I arrive in the Italian Swiss town of Lugano - this is the front of the railway station
An iconic photo spot for Lugano - the tracks of the Lugano Città (funicular railway), the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, Lake Lugano & the mountains of the Swiss/Italian border in the distance
Inside the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, Lugano, built in the late 15th century
I was quite surprised to see such a huge work of art on the side of this building in Lugano! I wonder what the neighbours think of it?? It's pretty cool in my humble opinion!
From the same building in the previous photo, the colours are great and fit the towns sunny Italian lakeside atmosphere
Walking the piazza's of Lugano, expensive fashion boutiques everywhere!
Antonio Bossi Fountain c.1895
Looking out over the paddle boats of Lake Lugano
Mount San Salvatore Funicular in 4K (click on the picture to play)
Riding the Lugano-Pazzallo funicular up Monte San Salvatore, it takes 12 minutes and two changes
The funicular departure station has a nice surprise if you can spot it out the window!
The peak of Monte San Salvatore has a beautiful view as seen in this panoramic photo plaque and the next photo
Looking out from the peak of Monte San Salvatore over Lake Lugano and the alps of the Swiss/Italian border
(This photo is zoomed in to the max from the previous photo!) The Casinò di Campione c.1917 was one of Italy's oldest Casinos until it was declared bankrupt in 2018 - the building was redesigned in 2007
I spotted this map of Lugano at the peak as well, great overview of the town and it's surroundings
The Lugano-Pazzallo funicular is 1660 m in length and divided into two sections of 830 m, each of differing gradients, construction of the site finished in 1888
Just about to board the carriage at the peak of Monte San Salvatore, the funicular station 'Carona'
As you can see the funicular carriages have wide large windows to view the panoramic view as you travel down the mountain back into town
From the main Lugano railway station you can catch these local line trains into town
A visit to a Italian town anywhere on this planet would not be complete without a ice cream!