I say goodbye to Interlaken and take the train to Bulle, where I change to catch the train to Gruyeres, it's also a station I can drop of my big rucksack for the day at a luggage storage facility and pick it up on my way back
Gruyeres video in 4K (click on the picture to play)
Welcome to the lovely medieval town of Gruyere which is in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland
The medieval town is about 5 minutes walk from the train station of Gruyere's which is the last stop on the line and is situated in the beautiful countryside of the Saane valley
The majority of the population in Gruyere's speak French and it's no surprise the place feels very much like a quaint French countryside town
The signs of a town taking pride in it's appearance!
Across the road is the path entrance to the medieval town of Gruyeres, you can see the town's fortifications poking out of the Fribourg green pre-Alpine foothills
Zoom into this photo for a map of Gruyeres
Detail view of the town's fortifications and the clock tower of the Former Chartreuse De La Part-Dieu
These fortifications and the town date back to 1195
The beautifully kept main street of Gruyeres medieval town
Decorative Swiss milk cans
As you have probably guessed by now Gruyeres is famous for it's cheese!
Picturesque facade of a cafe in Gruyeres medieval town
The crest painting on this building dates it's construction back to 1618
Gruyères Castle which sits at the top of the town dates back to 1270 and is a Swiss heritage site of national significance
Information plaque detailing the view of the Fribourg Pre-Alps from the Gruyères Castle which you can see in the following photo
Panoramic view of the impressive view of the Fribourg Pre-Alps from the platform of Gruyères Castle
In this photo from the castle you can make out some of the towns fortifications poking out between the Fribourg Pre-Alps
Colourful flowerbed I spotted in Gruyeres medieval town
The main entrances of the Église Saint-Théodule church has this colourful shrine outside
The Église Saint-Théodule church of Gruyeres medieval town
Walking through the streets of Gruyeres medieval town
Walking along the path of Les Grands-Chemins in front of the castle
Gruyères Castle and medieval town is to the right of this photo and in the background is the mountain 'Dent de Broc'
Leaving Gruyeres and heading to my next destination Lausanne and what a wonderful view to watch out the train window!