Gruyeres video in 4K (click on the picture to play)
The beautiful medieval town of Gruyères is also the surprise home of H. R. Giger's museum, Giger acquired the Saint-Germain Castle in 1998 which you see in this photo and houses a permanent repository of his work
H. R. Giger discovered the French/German Swiss town of Gruyères after being invited by the owner of the Château to exhibit his art, he fell in love with the town and brought the castle to turn into a museum and a Giger themed bar
The mind-blowing 'Giger Bar' in Gruyeres opened in 2003 of which Giger modeled the bar in the style of his acclaimed ‘Alien’ biomechanical environment
Another shot of the crazy interior of Giger Bar - it truly has to been seen to be believed!
The entrance to the H.R. Giger Museum in Château St. Germain, Gruyeres
"Birth Machine" sculpture 1999 ~ H.R. Giger
"Biomechanoid" sculpture 2010 ~ H.R. Giger
Bronze Alien tail hand-rail ~ H.R. Giger
"Birth Machine Baby" 1998 ~ H.R. Giger
"Biomechanoid" sculpture 2010 ~ H.R. Giger
Museum ticket booth with Guardian Angel sculptures at each corner ~ H.R.Giger (the best looking ticket booth I think I will ever set eyes on!)
The flyer for the museum that I got in the museum!
"Nubian Queen" sculpture 2011 ~ H.R. Giger (1 of 5 commissioned microphone stands for the band "Korn")
"Nubian Queen" sculpture 2011 ~ H.R. Giger (Detail)
"Untitled" ~ H.R. Giger
Chairs and large table 1990, Biomechanical Matrix floorplates 1982 ~ H.R. Giger
"The Magician" 1990 - 1999 ~ H.R. Giger
"Minon" 1990 - 1999 ~ H.R. Giger
This one was taken from my mobile phone - a pretty cool door replacement for the museum!
Triangular mirror 1983 ~ H.R. Giger
Lamp 1991 ~ H.R. Giger
Alien Head sculpture ~ H.R. Giger