Bern in 4K (click on the picture to play)
The Zähringer monument Duke Berthold V of Zaehringen, founder of the city of Bern c.1847
At the back of the statue is a bear holding the the Duke's head armour
The view from the Nydeggbrücke bridge, Untertorbrücke bridge in the distance
View from the other side of Nydeggbrücke bridge, on the left of this photo is Bern bear enclosure
Acrobat bear sculpture at Bärengraben (Bern Bear Park)
Bears have been kept in Bern city since 1513, in 2009 a further enclosure was added on the bank of the River Aar linking through to this original enclosure
A bear wandering through the spacious bank enclosure
The bear has long served as symbol of Bern, the black bear in a white shield is seen throughout the city on monuments and in paintings - I snapped this bear looking at me from the enclosure
This riverside spot is very popular with the Bern locals and it's very relaxing to hear the River Aar floating on by
The perfect composition for a photo - the Nydeggbrücke bridge c.1840 in the foreground, Untertorbrücke bridge c.1461 in the distance and the River Aar flowing underneath them both
The River Aar and the Kirchenfeldbrücke in the distance - I watched people start a 'floating' journey from here, their clothes in waterproof bags, just letting the river take them downstream!
The Restaurant Terrasse, now this restaurant must have a amazing sound underneath it while you enjoy dinner!
The Mat Sill (Mattenschwelle) is a weir that is used to generate energy for the Matte power station, the The Cathedral of Bern c.1421 can also been seen in the background
Interesting window design I spotted by the Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge
View from the Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge c.1883, the weir and the The Cathedral of Bern or 'Berner Münster' as it's known in the background
This lovely building is the Bern Historical Museum built in 1894, modelled on historic castles and also holds the Einstein Museum (Einstein developed the Relativity Theory while living in Bern)
The glass mosaic over the museum's entrance is called "The Age of History" made in 1900 by the Swiss painter Léo-Paul Robert
The museum building would not be complete without two huge bear statues greeting you on arrival - detailed photo of one of them here!
The Schweizer Schützenmuseum - the Swiss Shooting Museum
Really cool to see these busts of Swiss Army figures alongside the outside of the Schweizer Schützenmuseum
Detail of one of the Swiss Army busts
Trams have been In operation since 1890 in Bern, was glad to see this Be 4/10
Tram 2000 one as it's the oldest model of the newest trams in operation today, built in 1987, the latest ones have been built in just 2009!
This is the Casino Bern building c.1909 as seen from Kirchenfeldbrücke bridge, a little factoid - I went to ex Swiss girlfriend's grandmother's birthday dinner in here in the mid-90's and tried horse meat!