My first stop of my long trip to Switzerland at it's 5:20am at Waterloo Station, London - it's completely empty apart from a few crazy people like me!
Starting to feel the weight of all my camping equipment and photography gear on my shoulders but that's only intermittent as the excitement of travelling & adventure awaits!
In all my years travelling in London I've never seen a tube platform completely empty! and that includes all the last tube's I've caught, there's always been at least a few people around!
Again a empty tube ride to St Pancras
About to board the 8:01am Eurostar to Paris after waiting in the lounge
The classic Eurostar train waiting for departure to Paris from St Pancras
Not quite the top speed the Eurostar can go outside the tunnel, it can reach up to 320 km/h (200 miles a hour) and goes 246 feet below the sea level when it enters the tunnel
Arrival at the beautiful Gare du Nord one of the six large mainline railway station termini in Paris, France
The wonderful facade of the Gare du Nord station that opened in 1846
Having a few minutes to spare before boarding the TGV to Switzerland I took a very quick look around the area in front of the station and so glad I spotted one of these timeless Metropolitain (the Paris subway, one of the oldest in the World!) signs - always wanted to get a photo of one of these!
After my 2½ hour Eurostar trip from London to Paris, I now catch the Paris Metro from Gare du Nord to Paris's other big main railway station, Gare De Lyon, from here (after trying to find the right train!) I board the next leg of my trip, a TGV Lyria from Gare De Lyon to Basel in Switzerland (4 hours journey time)
Hamburger train meal I had which was okay, interestingly this TGV Lyria train is joint French and Swiss owned (due to the cross country train line) and the food was up to the Swiss standard but not quite as expensive!
After leaving my home 4:30am I arrive in Basel, Switzerland, 16:00pm - 11½ hours travel time and I'm feeling quite knacked! I still have another train from Basel to Interlaken and 2 hours after this, around 6pm, I finally arrive at my campsite in Interlaken and then I still have to set up my tent just before it gets dark - a whole days travel on 6 different trains and a bus!
This is one of the best meals I've ever had - spaghetti bolognese and a lemon flavoured beer at the summit of the Gornergrat (3,089 m above sea level) with a balcony view of the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland!
On my hike down from Rotenboden to Riffelberg (a station about halfway down from the summit of the Gornergrat) I discovered this amazing view of the Matterhorn from a lake know as Riffelsee
Even the bears in Zermatt wear jackets! (mont•bell ones to be precise!)
Switzerland has kept it's own currency despite being in the centre of Europe and the Euro and it's very colourful!
On the scenic train ride from Interlaken to Zermatt there are these printed table maps of the Gornergrat railway route (which I took from Zermatt to the summit of Gornergrat) which are really cool!
A Swiss breakfast on the go!
Illustration of the routes from Lauterbrunnen & Stechelberg to the summit of Schilthorn via train and then cable cars
Your's truly taking in the views from the summit of Schilthorn - 3000m above sea level!
Cool looking Simpsons tee I spotted a guy wearing in Interlaken
Picture I took from the train window of one of the many high powered Swiss rolling stock
This huge banner photograph of Grindelwald was in the campsite dinning room - it's a great picture!
Having my campsite breakfast in the same room from the photo before - a croissant filled with strawberry jam and cream and a cappuccino
This made me laugh - Einstein sitting on a shelf in this Swiss watch shop window in Bern! (in fact Albert Einstein spent part of his life in Bern which is probably why!)
One of my favourite snacks and very filling - pretzels, and this one with salami and butter, also a alcohol free beer I got from a vending machine
Swiss watch shop window in Bern, Switzerland
I've sampled many ice creams from across the World but this homemade orange sorbet and rum & raisin I got in Bern is in the number one slot!
Packing down my tent pitch in Camping Hobby, Interlaken, Switzerland
Leaving Camping Hobby after 7 nights camping - this was my view everyday I went into town!
My cheap & cosy hotel room in Lausanne which I had booked for the last few days in Switzerland before I left to come home to England
This is Camping Vidy which is on the lake in Lausanne and a place I have camped out in twice before on previous trips to Switzerland in the 1990's - a lot of good memories from those trips!
All packed up and ready to leave my hotel in Lausanne, as you can see there's quite a lot to carry!!!
Pathé les Galeries in Lausanne, Switzerland
Both Gare du Nord and this Paris railway station, Gare De Lyon, are fantastic buildings and are considered classic examples of the architecture of its time, 1840's, and it's clock is very similar to Big Ben in London