Xi’an: Model & guide of the Xi’an City Wall.
Xi’an: One of the highlights of the trip, riding around the whole city wall and zero smog for a change!
Xi’an: Check out the white building here, I think they have designed it to match in with the traditional roof of the temple next to it – very clever!
Xi’an: Whilst at the wall I met someone who run’s around it everyday without fail – all 14km’s of it!
Jiuzhaigou: Tree growing up around a stone!
Jiuzhaigou: I’ll let you just imagine the sound of the waterfalls here…
Jiuzhaigou: Now that’s a fancy umbrella.
Jiuzhaigou: Way up in the beautiful mountains of Jiuzhaigou.
Chengdu: The Leshan Giant Buddha waits just around that rock…
Chengdu: how to get yourself on the big screen, Chengdu style!
Chengdu: Morning/ Evening dancing on street corners - another popular pastime in China.
Chengdu: The grand entrance to my hotel – the Wen Jun Mansion
Chengdu: A Giant Panda climbs for some bamboo.
Chengdu: Tasty sesame street food snack.
Chengdu: Subway entrance and shopping mall with a distinct Soviet feel to it.
Chengdu: Tianfu Square map in the form of a tree.
Chengdu: Tianfu Square map in the form of a tree.
Chengdu: If you’ve ever owed a skateboard then your know what I was thinking here…
Chengdu: This LED billboard sign was huge, tried to capture it here amoungst the skyscrapers.
Hong Kong: Poster of the ‘Umbrella Girl’ of the HK protests.
Hong Kong: The famous HK river front lit up at night.
Hong Kong: HK public light buses.
Hong Kong: Hourly hotel sign.
Hong Kong: Close up of the Tian Tan Buddha.
Hong Kong: Downtown Hong Kong.
Hong Kong: Street buskers at ferry terminal.
Hong Kong: HK’s big wheel.
Hong Kong: This guy was still rocking!
Hong Kong: Bit of UK in HK.
Hong Kong: View from a car park in the hills of HK.