Beijing: Map of the 798 Art Zone, Beijing’s culture shock! Next 2-8 snaps are from here.
Beijing: Paper mache or is that bronze?
Beijing: Runners from the Beijing Olympics? That’s what I’m thinking here…
Beijing: Close up of the Dinosaur as seen in my original Beijing photo album.
Beijing: Laying a golden egg of a message this one.
Beijing: 798 is built around an old military factory which makes for some interesting photo opportunities.
Beijing: Entrance to one of the many galleries.
Beijing: Jaws, made out of broken glass.
Beijing: No honkin’
Beijing: How to keep warm on a moped in the winter months of China.
Beijing: Back alley of a Hutong away from the skyscrapers & city offices of Beijing.
Beijing: A Chinese girl waiting to cross a busy street, destination unknown…
Pingyao: The smoggy city of Ancient Pingyao.
Pingyao: Another shot of Pingyao from above
Pingyao: Roof tile decoration at the awesome Pingyao Yide Hotel, my stay for the evening.
Pingyao: The ‘his & hers’ chairs of one of the weddings I was invited to come in and have a look at.
Pingyao: This guy had a song or two, and was all part of the friendly wedding celebrations!
Wedding singer in Pingyao, China from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
Pingyao: Not sure if these were doorstoppers but what a cool design!
Pingyao: Chairman Mao paintings
Pingyao: Some of the more exotic goods on sale in Pingyao.
Pingyao: One of these souvenirs is sitting on my window seal, can you guess which one?
Pingyao: A woman takes a colourful photo opportunity, and is joined in colour by matching tourist hats…
Pingyao: Ancient court room demonstration.
Pingyao: One of the many beautiful street entrances around the town.
Pingyao: Wishing pool at the Qingxu Taoist Temple.
Pingyao: Scary character within the Qingxu Taoist Temple
Pingyao: Yin and Yang floor stone at Qingxu Taoist Temple.
Pingyao: Everyday street life in Pingyao, North Gate Tower in the background.
Yangshuo: The Big Banyan Tree.
Yangshuo: Overstacking lorries, bikes - even people! Common practice in China!