Entrance to the 798 Art Zone in Beijing
Mr Postman in silver ~ can you spot how many times I appear in the reflection? answers on a postcard to...
Close-up of the African boy bronze sculpture
African boy bronze sculpture in the 798 Art Zone
Red dinosaurs ~ lucky they are caged up! wouldn't want a Jurassic Park scenario going on
Some kind of futuristic horse with two heads, or is it the shape-shifting T-1000 from Terminator II?
On cloud nine
Ace Cafe Beijing ~ cool locomotive!
One of the things that makes 798 so interesting apart from the art are the 50-year old decommissioned military factory buildings in its surroundings, this old train track and unique architecture in the background of this photo for example
Chinese guard playing candy crush saga, could well be...
Huge boat blade, I added an effect on this photo to give the impression of it spinning around, well hopefully!
Another shot of these old military factorys, like the grittiness of this building plus the boat blade fan
Big Brother 'is' watching you
Singing statues that I'm pretty sure are made by the guy in the poster
Book seller, and a very important part of Chinese culture the written word ~ like the lightbulb on the end of the pole here
Lake at the entrance to The Summer Palace, Beijing
Temple view in The Summer Palace
The detail on this temple was very cool, I like the hundreds of little yellow tiled Buddas on the facade
Detail of one of the ceilings in the Long corridor, Summer Palace
Bonsai tree & temple in The Summer Palace
Car/3-wheeled-bike vehicle I spotted whilst walking around one of the Hutongs in Beijing
Dinner preparation
Amazon delivery Beijing style!
Musical flower display at night in Beijing
Close-up of those happy flowers