The Giant Buddha Torii, it's the main gate into the Buddha Cultural Park and the entrance to the Leshan Giant Buddha!
I first heard/saw about the Leshan Giant Buddha in a BBC documentary, Adventures In Architecture with Dan Cruickshank, and in that they film this same shot from the boat ~ the giant hand hiding the bigger picture that is...
Leshan Giant Buddha! this is the largest stone Buddha in the world at 233 feet! (and taking this photo on a rocking, sea splashing boat was no mean feat!)
Once you've climbed up the stairs to the top of this cliff your rewarded with an incredible sight ~ just check out the size of the ears!
As you can see the stone that Buddha is carved out of is degrading from weathering, air pollution, and swarms of tourists (this part of the cliff was not connected to the actual Buddha himself and I think it's considered lucky to stick your fingers in!)
Walking down the cliff face you can get some great shots of the Giant Budda, the moss seems to add to the tranquility of the place
Took this one to show the size of a toe ~ his smallest toenail is large enough to easily accommodate a seated person!
As you can see in this shot there are the winding stairs that take you down to the bottom of the Buddha, takes about 40 mins to get down them due to the queues of people
This is one of my favourite shots of the Buddha ~ I like how small the people look in comparison to him on the other side!
Some colourful incense sticks outside the temple behind the Buddha
Yin Yang water sculpture
A laughing Buddha in the Buddha Cultural Park
This was the view just outside my door at my hotel in Chengdu, Wenjun Mansion, the place it's situated in Qintai Road which has some amazing old style Chinese buildings
Like the way these old tea pots were lined up in the hotels front courtyard
Bronze Chariot and Horse statue in Qintai Roa
One of the entrances to Qintai Road ~ great pagoda design!
Kuanxiangzi Alley dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD), full of interesting souvenir shops, teahouses & food stalls
A very tranquil courtyard in the back of a souvenir shop ~ check out the big green leaves and the koi
This spectacular elephants head sculpture was also in the above courtyard, cool eh?
A novel idea for post boxes
Horse stepping out of the wall
Girl playing the Guzheng, a Traditional Chinese String Instrument, Chengdu from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
Girl playing the Guzheng, a Traditional Chinese String Instrument
I had one of these drinks, all natural fruit blended together which was pretty tasty but really I brought it for the crazy bottle!
These were a tasty snack as well, bit like really thick cut crisps but a whole lot fresher and with paprika sprinkled over them
Women practicing her pouring of tea for the tea ceremony ~ notice the calculator on the table there, these tea ceremonies can end up being quite expensive!
Yes, 'No Leaning', no slouching over here...