Welcome to The Chengdu Panda Breeding & Research Center
Adult panda chewing away on some bamboo ~ what a great life!
It's the baby pandas that every tourist wants to see ~ in fact you queue up to see these little guys through as glass window, and hardly have anytime to snap a photo before your moved on!
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
These two buddies enjoying meal time, you have to get here for the opening of the centre to catch the pandas doing stuff ~ most of the day they just lie around letting all that bamboo go down
Close up of a red panda
Be like Bamboo, flexable but never break! ~ I do like this stuff!!
Local street cleaner in Chengdu having a food break
A three wheeled contraption
The colourful Jinli Pedestrian Street
Chinese brushes stall in Jinli ~ I wish I had brought one of these come to think of it!
I'm not sure what this is ~ some kind of drink with a plum in it? made a nice shot though
Walking around the Jinli Pedestrian Street
I saw this at a stall and thought it would make a great picture, turned around and noticed a bunch of Chinese tourists snapping away ~ glad to be of some inspirational for them!
Badminton being played in the People's Park
Now this was unusual, apart from karaoke blaring out over the tannoys and lots of middle aged folk dancing away, they actually had a public catwalk going on with a red carpet to boot! all in the People's Park
Weekends at People's Park, Chengdu from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
The Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, notice the giant Mao statue in front of it
'And just what to you think your looking at...'
An old school monument with a backdrop of modern times, this is part of Tianfu Square in Chengdu
Local shopping centre in Chengdu
The panda haha love it!
Took this one inside the most modern shopping centres in Chengdu ~ it even had an ice rink inside...
They thought of everything in this place!
Just outside all the modern shopping centres and buildings theres still reminders of how this place was before it went into redevelopment mode
Eat and be happy...
Really like this shot, sums up Chengdu for me ~ fast food & the overall happy-go-lucky people of this great Chinese city!
Lanterns lit up at night outside the ShuFeng YaYun theatre
Costume hire shop in Qintai Road