View of Hong Kong at night from Victoria Peak
Viewing platform at Victoria Peak, now that's quite a view!
A waxy Bruce Lee in his 'Game of Death' costume
Set up my tripod and timer in the middle of the street to get this (Luckly the HK cops didn't mind!) light trail of a tram going past, happy with how the different colours turned out in this
Public light bus on the move
The dot matrix facade of the Esprit store outside my hotel ~ it changes into a pic of a guy then back into a girl, pretty cool
A Star Ferry boat, these ferry have been carrying passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon and back since 1888
A very happy yellow tram
The Apple store in Hong Kong, and just outside you can catch touts selling the latest iPhones too!
The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, 2,600 feet in distance to be precise ~ that's one long escalator ride
Some wall art in central HK
Close-up of living accommodation in HK, like the pipework in this ~ no attempt to hide it!
Street view of the central business district of Hong Kong
The TurboJET I caught to the island of Macau
Wynn Hotel Water Fountain Show in Macau
The Fountain Show at Wynn Hotel Macau, China from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
Video of the above water show ~ very magical!
Glitzy sign outside the Wynn Hotel
Casino Lisboa, the massive egg-shaped podium was quite impressive!
Egg-Shaped LED Podium at Casino Lisboa, Macau, China from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
That egg-shaped podium has some serious LED stuff going on ~ just check the video!
One of my fav's, the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, love the colours
Bamboo scaffolding waiting to be erected
Back street around the corner from my hotel in Jordon, Kowloon
Street scene at night in Hong Kong
The view of Victoria Harbour from my hotel window
Cruise ship docked in Victoria Harbour