The Yangshuo countryside surrounded by the beautiful karst mountain peaks
My accommodation for the next five days, the amazing Phoenix Pagoda Fonglou Retreat - guess who's clothes are drying on that balcony...
Moon Hill sitting comfortably in the background
Yangshuo Bike Ride from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.
Get a feel for some bike riding, Yangshuo style! I got a feeling that was me getting tooted at the beginning...
Bamboo Rafting is one of the most popular tourist attractions here, and this bit is one of the highlights - making it across one of the river walkways and getting splashed on the way!
I watched this Chinese women first hand kill the snake you can see lying dead in this photo (by the cart wheel) - it was after her sweet potatoes you see stacked up there behind her, she just went crazy with that bamboo stick and kicked it's butt, like how she is posing as if to say 'job done'
When we are talking about spiders that span the size of your hand, this is one of them...
Kid picking up some bamboo leafs
Little river hut
How they get these bamboo rafts to stack up so neatly on top of that truck is beyond me!
Riding through the countryside of Yangshuo, turn my head and this is what I see! camera in hand I snapped this so mega quick I'm surprised it didn't come out in a blur, what a photo to capture though!
After a long bike ride through the country I came across my destination, the famous Yulong Bridge and covered in foliage
Can't remember if this was a women or a man, but bloody hard work carrying that little lot over the bridge!
The view from Yulong Bridge - like the bamboo raft parasols in this, brings in the colour
The local barbers
Ahh... this was one of my main reasons for visiting Yangshuo, to get a photo of the view from the top of Laozhai Mountain, as you can see it's quite a trek up there!
And here it is! really is a breathtaking view once your up here
Climbing up to the radio antenne (not for those with a fear for height's I might add!) and you also get this wonderful view of all the Karst Mountains!
The 20 Yuan note view - the Li River, if you come here you just gotta do this one
Climbing up the Xianggong Hill - that's my taxi driver down there too, think he wanted to come and appreciate the view up here too!
The view from the top of Xianggong Hill, the river almost goes in a circle around the mountains - pretty cool!
Lily from the Phoenix Retreat shows me around the local area of Fonglou - check out the bamboo scaffolding, still used in everyday in China!
That is some engine! you see these trucks spluttering up and down the roads of Yangshuo all day long
This could well be my second job - and many thank's to Lily for taking this awesome photo!
Reflection of some Karst Mountains
Fishermen looking for something, fish I'm thinking...