Breakfast (and drying my clothes) at my last day at Camping Gayeulles, Rennes and then I'm of to catch the train from the city back to Saint-Malo where I first started my journey nine days ago!
Catching the SNCF train from Rennes central to Saint-Malo, about an hours journey - little tricky getting the bike on the train and I was in the wrong compartment but the nice conductor let me off this once!
Thought this sign summed up the basic foods of France!
This campsite was the only pre-booked one for the whole trip, Domaine de la Ville Huchet, it was for the night before I catch my ferry back the next day and when I arrived the French holidays were in full swing!
My pitch at Domaine de la Ville Huchet, felt they squeezed tent's in wherever they could but no problem and the staff were very nice here
Now that would have been a nice pitch, right outside the Ville Huchet!
This sign again sums up most of the main places I visited in Brittany!
Love these water towers - I wonder if this one was around during WWII?
One of the bigger supermarket chains in France, Cora.
Had a really great meal in this supermarket! I wasn't expecting it to be but was brill - finished off with a crepe & schweppes!
I ended up walking my bike the whole length of this field, the ground was way too flakey to ride on - pretty knackering in the heat!
The little town of Saint Servan and a picturesque water fountain
Love the design of this French cafe!
This gorgeous old building in Saint Servan is the town's library
La Droguerie de Marine - a large bookstore with a cool balcony...
...woah! who's that spying on me!
The bay of Solidor, Saint Servan
Carrefour night shot
Your's truly leaving Saint-Malo (and relief after a hectic ride from the campsite to catch the ferry in the morning!), in the background is Bastion St. Philip
Lighthouse seen on the way out from Saint-Malo
Heading out to the open ocean and a very sunny day!
Full English/continental breakfast!
The shopping centre on board the Bretagne
Life out on the ocean and what a relaxing end to an exciting trip! :D