I saw plenty of dairy cows on my travels along the Seine, the weather in this area is perfect for them - fresh chewy grass everywhere!
Beautiful thatched wooden gate to someone's country house
This windmill in the commune of Hauville is one of the oldest tower mills in France, built by monks of the royal abbey of St Peter of Jumièges in 1258 and restored in 1984
Information plaque on the commune of Hauville
Poster advertising a Medieval reenactment at the Moulin (windmill) in Hauville
The kind of wonders you can stumble upon when cycling touring - a picturesque 12th century windmill!
The 'Panorama Barneville Sur Seine' - you can see the Seine wrapping around the land like a wiggly snake, this viewpoint sums up my trip nicely!
Close-up shot of the Seine from this great scenic viewpoint 'Panorama Barneville Sur Seine'
I couldn't resist a selfie from this spot!
Another thatched country cottage find along the way!
Statue of The Virgin of Mercy, also called Virgin in the Coat and Protective Virgin that I spotted as I rode pass on my way to Jumieges
I really like these style of buildings in France, I've seen a few on my travels, this particular one is a Mairie which is the French word for 'Town Hall'
The 'Point de vue sur la Seine' which offers a scenic viewpoint of the Seine
I love the aesthetics of this photo and it was the start of my off-roading surprise thanks to google maps
I usually spend a lot of time planning my route at home and have it loaded up into my Garmin device, though the problem with it can be it you slightly go of course the Garmin does not like this so I move over to google maps and this can be good 99% of the time but it can lead you on some funny routes like this example!
This google maps route turned out to be a long winded ride though a forest area with mud & rain plus it was getting on towards dusk, no easy task on a fully loaded bicycle! eventually I did meet the road again!
Arrival at 'Bac Yville-sur-seine' the ferry crossing between Yville-sur-seine & Le Mesnil-sous-Jumieges
Some classic art in Jumieges and I'm near my final destination of the day, Camping De La Seine
Up the Seine without a Paddle 4K (click on the picture to play)