My second nights stay at Camping International de la Hallerais, Taden, and it was time to say goodbye and move onto my next destination Tinteniac about 20 miles from here
Gare de Dinan, the one line train station of Dinan was designed by Georges-Robert Lefort in 1931 and also holds a Railway Museum inside it
One of my favourite railway buildings this! the top of the turret like structure reminds me of some kind of 70's hat!
Panorama of the Gare de Dinan, Georges-Robert Lefort c.1931
The gorgeous clock tower at Gare de Dinan
A X 73500 railcar sits silently in the Gare de Dinan
Inside the station hall are two wonderful mosaics that have been registered as historic monuments, this one is a map of the town of Dinan
And this one is a map of the railways in the region
Cycling out of Dinan and through the quiet streets of a village in Lehon
Small village bridge at Lehon, the Rance river flows under it
Some of the beautiful buildings of this village in Lehon
When Garmin maps go wrong! the path to the left side of this photo leads to a stinging nettle ravine (that was meant to be a clear path!) or a field of cows protected by an electric fence. Luckily I made a new friend to help me out through this mess!
This farmer's dog was amazingly cool!
So I had no choice but to duck under two electric fences and walk through a small field of cows with all my gear & bike. See that white rag? thats the electric wire fence - and yes I got electrified once and it bloody hurt! ;)
Lush scenery along my cycle path to Tinteniac
Fully loaded cycle touring - you can't beat it! :D
Information sign that tells me I'm in Quebriac
The church of Quebriac is one of less than a hundred buildings in the whole of Europe to boast a twisted spire.
One more shot of that twisted spire - cool!