After a cosy nights sleep at Hallerais campground I made my way into Dinan town from Taden for the day, about a 3 mile ride passing through Port Dinan
The Port of Dinan and the picturesque 'Viaduc de Dinan' - I went over this on my bike too!
Chateau de Dinan - a medieval keep with a moat drawbridge
'Le Donjon' or the keep - as seen in the next picture
Taking a pose in front of the keep at Chateau de Dinan
The historic cobblestoned town of Dinan
Info on the 'Keratry Mansion' as seen in the next photo
L'hotel Keratry or 'Keratry Mansion' built in 1559 - and looking at the timbers you could see that straight away! great building this.
I like this futuristic folk festival flyer I spotted in a shop window further down into the town of Dinan
Info on the Clock Tower - seen in the next photo
La tour de L'Horloge or Clock Tower, built around the end of the 14th century the platform on the top of the tower was a watchtower in it's past days
Some of the lovely old buildings of the historic Dinan town - unfortunately I did see one that had been in a fire a few days before I was there, think that was beyond saving which was a shame
When I ordered a American pizza I didn't think they meant it literally! chopped up burger & chips on a pizza - go figure! nice though ;)
This grand building was opposite the outside spot in the restaurant I was eating at
Info on Jerzual Street - seen in the next photo
La rue du Jerzual or Jerzual street, this beautiful cobblestoned street goes all the way down to the Port of Dinan and has been around since as early as 1123!
Tobacco/newsagent sign - I've always liked these iconic French signs!
Info on "The Field" square - seen in next photo
As well as a market square since 1314, which still holds a market every Thursday, this spot was the scene of a dual between the Breton knight Bertrand du Guesclin, this statue, and English captain Thomas of Canterbury in 1357
I climbed on top of a wall to get this view of the Viaduc de Dinan which goes over the Port of Dinan
Panoramic view of the Port of Dinan, notice the cute little restaurant just to the left side of the bridge - great view they have!
Info on La rue do Petit-Fort - seen in the next photo
This street, La rue du Petit-Fort or Small Fort Street, links to Jerzual Street (a few photo's back) and dates back to the fifteenth century