All packed up and ready to go - leaving my cosy Airbnb (and it's not raining...yet!)
Part of my breakfast from a local boulangerie was this UFO green custard filled pastry - was a bit too much custard for me though...
The Eglise de Lillebonne (Notre-Dame church)
Hotel de ville lillebonne
Riding through Tancarville and you can see in top left of this photo on the cliff the 'Château de Tancarville' an 11th-century castle built by Raoul, chamberlain of the Duke of Normandy
Looking back over the commune of Tancarville
It's Halloween all year round at this house!
This funny character marks a school children's road crossing
This neat side road is next to the autoroute, exclusively for bicycles, and takes you most of the way to Le Havre from Tancarville
'Zenith discotheque' - spotted this as I rolled into Le Havre
The 'Bassin du Commerce' (trade harbour) in Le Havre
Information plaque on the 'Bassin du Commerce'
This decorative fountain displays every ten minutes at the 'Bassin du Commerce'
The impressive 'Monument aux Morts' a World War I & II Memorial in Place General de Gaulle, Le Havre
The 'Monument aux Morts' World War I & II Memorial, Place General de Gaulle, Le Havre
The 'Monument aux Morts' World War I & II Memorial, Place General de Gaulle, Le Havre
Names of French victims who lost their lives in World War's I & II on the 'Monument aux Morts' World War I & II Memorial
Detail of the 'Monument aux Morts' World War I & II Memorial
Information plaque at the 'Monument aux Morts' World War I & II Memorial
The incredible 'Le Volcan' performing arts theatre in Le Havre, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and built over a four-year project (1978 – 1982)
Another part of the 'Le Volcan' and the cultural center
View of the Trésorerie Municipale (Government office) from the Point De Vue, Le Havre
This whole area around the Government office is very pleasant with the trams rolling through and the almost brutalist architecture of the tower!
This is known as the 'Narrow House' and was designed by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm in 2010
Église Saint-Joseph (St Joseph's Catholic Church), Le Havre - Brutalist design by Auguste Perret and built between 1951 and 1957/58
A Le Havre tram travels towards me with the Plage Le Havre (beach) in the distance
Information plaque on the Plage Le Havre
When I arrived at Plage Le Havre I was met with this amazing view of the swirling clouds! I could just look at that view forever (but I knew what was coming - rain!)
The 'Monument LH (Le Havre)' sculpture on Plage Le Havre, designed by artists Lang / Baumann in 2018 and represents the initials of the city (L and H)
My 'reached the final destination' moment/photo! apart from one more day in Dieppe this was the end of my journey up the Seine and as you can see from my tired face it was pretty hard going with the weather and even after leaving the beach I got caught in another huge storm! but hey this is what makes the adventure! :D
I'm going to leave this one to your imagination...
Up the Seine without a Paddle 4K (click on the picture to play)