My camping pitch at Camping De La Seine, Jumieges - as there was nobody in the reception when I arrived the night before I just picked anywhere!
Camping De La Seine - 99% it was raining today but you could never tell from the following four pictures!
You have your very own private section of the Seine at Camping De La Seine!
The area of Jumieges is similar to an island whereas the Seine snakes around it but it is not completely land-locked
These barges go along the Seine all night and you can hear them in your tent whilst sleeping - it's very tranquil!
Leaving Camping De La Seine and admiring the fresh countryside view!
Cycling through Jumieges
Jumieges Abbey c.654
This day was probably the worst of the rainy days I had on the trip - before the find in the next photo it started to wear me down quite a bit but it's all part of the adventure so you roll with it as much as you can!
You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this massive monument! it's the memorial of the 'Latham 47' a tragic event that saw the aircraft head out from France to the North Pole in 1928 to rescue the crew of a crashed airship...
Information plaque on the Latham 47... this prototype Atlantic seaplane (which was built here in Caudebec-en-Caux) set off from France to rescue the Italian airship crew from the North Pole via Tromso, Norway...
Information plaque on the Latham 47... the plane left Tromso, Norway to fly across the Barents Sea to Spitsberge but the plane tragically disappeared and the crew was never seen again, only parts of the plane were found, a tragic story that is memorialised by this 1931 public subscription funded memorial
Information plaque on the Latham 47
The impressive memorial of the 'Latham 47' - the whole story in detail can be found here
This handy illustration on a information plaque shows the point have reached so far, Villequier
Statue of the famous French writer Victor Hugo, who wrote the novels The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1831) and Les Misérables (1862), spent a lot of his time here in Villequier
Information plaque on Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885) statue - there is also a museum about his life here in Villequier
One of the widest parts of the Seine is here in Villequier...
...and was painted by the great William Turner in 1832
The flags waving just outside the Victor Hugo museum
A barge carrying the huge parts of a wind farm floats along the Seine in Villequier
A friendly cat yawns on this bench outside the Victor Hugo museum in Villequier
Very friendly this cat aww..
I get the feeling the person who owns this house has some kind of connection with the indigenous peoples of the Americas!
One of the gorgeous views you can see whilst cycling through the French countryside, a water tower reservoir can be seen in the distance
Arrival at Saint-Nicolas-de-la-Haie and my cosy Airbnb with Lifebuoy hanging above the entrance!
After two days & nights cycling and camping in constant rain I had to change plans for my last nights camp on this trip and got a absolute steal on this place for one night at around £40!
These stairs in the apartment remind me of something you would see in a Swedish house - really cool!
My bed and that's it for a very long days cycle!
Up the Seine without a Paddle 4K (click on the picture to play)