All packed up and ready to leave the campsite in Pont Beniot
A beautiful sunny morning start in Pont Beniot!
Those two islands popping out in the distance is Saint Malo, where I was the day before when I arrived!
This picturesque scene took my mind of the long hill I was riding up!
In the distance is the seaside town where I stayed the night, Pont Beniot
Stopped off in this lovely little town for a 'Jambon-Beurre' - ham & cheese baguette
A smart looking church sits in the baking hot midday heat!
Taking a break in the shade whilst enjoying a view of La Rance river
Another quaint and picture perfect French town with a great monument
A postcard moment if ever I saw one!
Information board on the 'Moulin de Beauchet' - next picture!
The Moulin de Beauchet is a tide mill that has existed on this site before 1542 and was rebuilt after a fire in 1882
Passing through the town of Saint-Suliac
Crossing over La Rance river on the Saint-Hubert bridge
The Chateaubriand Bridge as seen from Saint-Hubert bridge
France is very cycle friendly!
My arrival in Taden, my base for the next two days as I check out the historic town of Dinan, and this is my perfect little pitch in the relaxing Camping International de la Hallerais!
With the fine weather I was able to utilize a great feature of this MSR tent - the inner fly mesh window for sleeping with a view of stars at night!
Tent view with the outer fly peeled back - I left it like this overnight so I could watch the stars!