Fishguard and Goodwick to Hillfort Tipi
Seal spotted in Fishguard Bay!
Fishguard Bay, Southern tip of Wales, population 3,419
Morning at Hillfort Tipi campsite - time for coffee
My own fire pit and the big rocks next to my tent pitch
The "Holy Moment" no people, city noises or modern technology (apart from my camera) - just me and my porridge!
That white house in the distance is the owners who's lovely wild grounds I'm camping in
Looking out onto the St George's Channel...
...and what a view!
A great cloud hovers above Fishguard
Hiking around these wild rocks adjacent to my tent pitch
Strumble Head Lighthouse in the distance
My tent in the middle of the shot amongst a few eco toilets
Fishguard to St Davids
Church/town hall just outside Hillfort Tipi
Marmalade, Chutneys & Jam's - just pop your cash inside the honesty box
Road outside the previous house photo
London telephone box at the Southern most tip of Wales?
This 16% gradient hill just by the entrance to Fishguard & Goodwick station is an absolute no-no ride with all my gear!
Taking a break at a beautiful valley stop
Riding down into Abercastle
Views along the Pembrokeshire Coast are stunning!
Porthgain harbour and those old red buildings are known as 'brick hoppers' - used to hold bricks ready to be crushed for road stone
Porthgain harbour
Watching a pack of cows watching me
The rock formations of South Wales can be seen poking through everywhere - particularly like the way it's revealed in this shrubbery
One of the many 'up & down' road paths of the Pembrokeshire Coast
Information on St David's Cathedral
Early evening arrival at St Davids and I quickly got this shot of the Cathedral before heading to my campsite