St Davids to Broad Haven
Camping breakfast of champions!
Rhosgadw farm campsite - an unexpected find!
This encompasses the whole trip - myself, the bike & tent!
The view from outside Rhosgadw farm campsite
Interesting tree hangers! on the way down to Whitesands Bay...
The raw coastline of Whitesands Bay, St Davids
Sand mist fly's off the beach at Whitesands Bay
Whitesands Bay, St Davids
One more shot of the famous St Davids Cathedral c. AD 589
Great little cottage spotted along the way to Solva
Arrival at Solva
Looking out onto St Brides Bay from the mouth of the River Solva
Spot the ladies in the previous photo wading through the mouth of the River Solva
The beautiful Solva harbour and River Solva
Entering Newgale via Newgale Hill
Seeing this from a distance I got my camera out in excitement only to find...
Newgale - made it!
Newgale Beach
Some of the most ridiculously steep hills I found was at Newgale - hard work!
Empty alcove found along the Newgale part of the Pembrokeshire coastline
The amazing "Malator" house built into the Pembrokeshire coastline
Built in 1998 and made of steel & glass, this futuristic house is also known as the "Teletubby house"
The house is designed around a central fireplace and what a spectacular view you would get from the couch!
Details on the Roundhouse
The Roundhouse on the Pembrokeshire Coast, built around 1910, at sunset
Words alone cannot describe this photo...