The Coalbrookdale Viaduct circa 1864 along which steam trains used to carry around 6000 tons of coal a day
The Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron the beautiful building was built around 1792 this area has since been converted into a museum
The cast iron clock that was built by the Coalbrookdale Company and erected on top of the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron in 1838
The Coalbrookdale foundry established in 1709 and the birthplace of the Industrial Age this area has since been converted into a museum
One of the many site buildings inside the Coalbrookdale Ironworks I like to think this might have been the old site formans office
The Coalbrookdale foundry closed in 2017 after 300 years of history boots where hung on these gates that day
This cast iron lamp post outside the Coalbrookdale foundry was built by the foundry in 1897 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of 1897
Close up of the cast iron lamp post that commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of 1897
The Museum of the Gorge originally the Severn Warehouse circa 1840
Great photo I spotted in Blists Hill Museum of the Iron Bridge and surrounding area it got me there
The Iron Bridge that crosses the River Severn circa 1777 was the first major bridge in the world to be made of cast iron
Bike pose on top of the legendary Iron Bridge it got me there
The Iron Bridge Tollhouse which took tolls for pedestrians between 1934 and 1950
Everyone had to pay a toll to go over the bridge and that included the Royal Family
The view form the Iron Bridge out along the River Severn is very picturesque
The bridge was built at Coalbrookdale Foundry which is within walking distance from here
Underneath shot of the Iron Bridge which is made of 378 long tons of cast iron
Unlike construction these days the Iron Bridge was not cast with perfect smoothness which all adds to the character of it
Map of all the walks you can take along the South Telford Way
Interesting sculpture for the Mercian Way cycle route
Site of the old Jackfield Tile Works which dates back to the 16th century
The old Jackfield Tile Works is now a museum for the former factory
My last camp breakfast before I pack up and head for the long journey home
On number one of the four connecting train journeys home 4 hours trip with bike fully loaded and masked up