On the way to Greenways by bicycle...
I waited a full hour to get this photo & video of the Greenway Halt steam train running under the bridge and heading to the station stop of Agatha Christies holiday home
Agatha Christies tennis court in Greenways
Beautiful greenhouse situated in the grounds of Greenways
Take a seat in her spacious greenhouse...
Croquet anyone?
One of the first magazines to feature Agatha Christie articles
Newpaper clipping of Agatha becoming a millionare from her writing
Original hand drawn covers of two of her most famous books (no computers used here!)
Agatha visits Egypt
Iconic photo of Agatha Christie surrounded by her books
Air raid shelter in the grounds of Greenways
Not much room in this air raid shelter
You can see the River Dart and boats crusing along it from Agatha's majestic holiday home
Agatha Christies holiday home, also known as Greenways
Looking at the hoilday home from an above path
Intriguing cabinet in the lobby of the holiday home
Decorative skull - one of the many artifacts that can be seen that the family collected over the years
The original Snakes & Ladders game
The family enjoyed playing games...
...and Agatha loved to play the piano too
Decorative Chinese fire screen
The original auctioneers booklet for Greenways
General writing desk in one of the living rooms (but not 'THE' book writing desk!)
Family tree of Agatha's immediate family