The lengths some people go to decorate an otherwise plain looking seaside bungalow! I think it's really great (as long as it's not too tacky that is!)
Information sign about World War II coast and defence batteries in Brixham
Battery Observation Post from World War II that looks out to the sea of Torbay, South Devon
Search Light Shelter with a vast view of...
The Brixham Battery Heritage Centre - a real gem!
One of the 4.7-inch (120 mm) guns that were mounted in the batterys - huge!
As you can read here the Battery defenses go way back to the times of the Spanish Armada of 1588!
Once you enter the building (which is free and run by volunteers) you are greeted with a wealth of military equpiment from both World Wars
Just looking at the length of some of these knives is enough to send chills down your spine - how anyone had to deal with this kind of attack day after day is unfathomable
The vicious 'Push Dagger'
The World War II Coastal Defence Batterys in Brixham
World War II Mine Detector Backpack
One of my most favourite things about this museum - hands on! you can actually hold some of the guns!!! brilliant, where else could you do just that?
About the 'Spy Set'
A World War II Spy Set (with luggage case disguise)
American WW2 Pedal Driven Electric Charging Set Backpack Generator
About the legendary 'Vickers Machine Gun'
The Vickers Machine Gun - used even before the first World War, a formidable gun if I've ever seen one!
Original patriotic sign from World War II
About the Maschinengewehr 42 German machine gun
The Maschinengewehr 42 German Machine Gun - Trust me, this thing weighed a ton, how they carried that around I'll never know
British WW2 Sub Machine gun - like the two handles of this beast of a gun