US WW2 Airbourne Divisions Kit
The sight of Brixham Harbour in 1944 - US forces arriving
Books on sale at the time of how to defend yourself during World War II
1940's tech - diodes & meters
A chilling poster to remind all - issued by the Minstry of Home Security
Typical household kitchen cabinet of food at the time of World War II
The weekly ration for one adult in 1944 during the World War II
How food rationing worked during those 14 years - even after the war food was in short supply because of it
That is your weekly ration of food during 1940 to 1954
'Camp Coffee with Chicory - made in Glasgow
Oxydent - Teeth Cleaner, 'no grit'
Solidly made hand held compass (Barking & London) - this thing could probably survive a bomb
The Adolf Hitler Photo Collector Book - very rare indeed as most were burnt after the war, I was actually allowed to hold this and skim through it
Information about the Adolf Hitler Photo Collector Book
Apparently Hitler was very camera shy and just to get a decent image of him is a testament to what brilliant photographers the Swiss where back then
Hitler youth as seen in the book
Hitler and Himmler inspecting troops
Nazi ' Mothers Cross' Award - awarded to German mothers who gave birth to 3-9 + Reich babies from 1939
Various forms of the Brodie's Steel Helmet
Gun from a warship (unknown)
War plane propeller found in the sea of South Devon (unknown)
One of the Battery heavy guns and a one man bomb shelter which was originally used as a detonators shelter for blowing up mining quarrys