The beautiful greenery of Elberry Cove near Brixham
The lush pebbled secret entrance to Elberry Cove
Panoramic view of Elberry Cove, Brixham
The ruins of the Elberry Bath House amoungst the jurrassic rocks and clear green sea
Fishcombe Cove in Brixham
Yachts enjoying the relaxing and tranquil Fishcombe Cove
Jurassic Park...
Brixham Harbour (and a nice spot where I had take away dinner!)
The Golden Hind - visited it when I was a kid and was amazed although it seems a bit cheesy these days!
'Don't feed the seagulls'
A fisherman's life - and it was a hard one...
Maritime Inn - I wonder how many fiserman tales were once told in here over an ale...
Plaque commemorating Brixhams help in WW II
Brixham Slipway
Landscove Holiday Park - this place holds a lot of memories for me, many family holidays here when I was a kid!
Landscove Holiday Park - on the way down to the coastal cliffs
Landscove Holiday Park - I like the juxtaposition of this photo - the two rocks etc.
Landscove Holiday Park - the winding coastal path...
This curvy walking bridge caught my eye at the entrance to Torquay
Torquay Harbour
Strange Victorian building overlooking the Torquay Harbour - just 'were' does that lift go...
Torquay pier, ferry wheel on the right too
Hope Nose Global Geopark - just outside Torquay and near Kents Cavern
Hope Nose Global Geopark - after hiking down and battling the bushes you are rewarded with such views, love that little tree sticking out on the cliff there!
Panoramic view of Hope Nose Global Geopark - great island out there!
Very windy down here at Hope Nose Global Geopark
Panoramic of that jurassic coastline at Hope Nose Global Geopark
Living Coasts coastal zoo sits under a giant net right in the seabed!
Torquay ferris wheel lit up at dusk
After a long day and almost back to my campsite, I snapped this light reflection at night on Paignton beach