Totnes Museum, an original Elizabethan merchant's house built c.1575 for the Kelland family
About Totnes Museum
Creaky Elizabethan stairwell
Very old rocking horse - no more rides from him, he's retired...
Elizabethan bedroom with Jacobean furniture
Ever wonder where the phrase 'taking the p***' came from?
Jacobean four poster bed with bedpan
Elizabethan toy
The Mitchell Room with display ‘Made – and Trade – in Totnes’
Virtual Reality Elizabethan style
As featured on 'Haunted Devon'
1950's Film projector
Instantaneous Cure!
Wind pills
About Charles Babbage, famous Totnesian
Charles Babbage
One of the many inventions Charles Babbage is knwon for, he originated the concept of a digital programmable computer
A 'gong scourer' - these guys took care of cleaning the loo's and disposing waste into the street sewers
Man-Traps - poachers beware!!!
A painful solution to poachers - I wonder how well that would go down today?