Arrival at the small Ostia Antica train station, about 15 miles from Rome - Ostia Antica
Exiting the train station you see the remains of a funeral stone dated back to 1863 which was found before the excavations of Roman city - Ostia Antica
Your see these public water fountains all over Rome and it's surrounding cities, I spotted this one after having a nice spot of breakfast in a family run cafe just by the station - Ostia Antica
This information plaque shows you how Ostia was situated at the mouth of the River Tiber during Ancient Roman times, the red dot shows you where I am standing at the time - Ostia Antica
This information plaque shows the layout of Ancient Ostia and what we are just about to walk through - Ostia Antica
Just by the entrance to Ostia Antica are the Roman tomb ruins known as Porto Necropolis and excavated between 1855 and 1923 - Ostia Antica
Part of a sarcophagus - a Roman coffin - Ostia Antica
Another decorative sarcophagus discovered and more in the background of this photo - Ostia Antica
Information plaque for the the tomb in the following photos - Ostia Antica
Facade of the tomb - Ostia Antica
Detail of the little central arch - Ostia Antica
Entrance to one of the tombs (I'd be interested to know if the writing on the top of this one is from Ancient Roman times) - Ostia Antica
More of the tomb ruins, possibility sarcophaguses were stored in the small arches towards the middle of this photo - Ostia Antica
This could be the remains of a cooking area? the tiling around the arch is amazing for the time - Ostia Antica
One of my fav photos is this Roman headless statue with a toga in amongst all the maritime pine trees - it's a shame I can't transport the smell of these trees on here - Ostia Antica
Information plaque about Porta Romana, the entrance to the city, and the following photo of the sign above the main gate - Ostia Antica
The Porta Romana inscription that once stood above the main gate to the city - Ostia Antica
Statue Of Winged Minerva Victory - Ostia Antica
Roman street sign - Ostia Antica
Information plaque on the road network of Ostia, in the illustration you can see the water pipe network and sewage system that the Romans designed way ahead of it's time - Ostia Antica
To think that Ancient Romans used to walk down this very same road I was walking down all those years ago is mind boggling - Ostia Antica
Information plaque on Ostia's water supply - Ostia Antica
Well on the Decumanus (street) - Ostia Antica
Ruins of a building inside the city - Ostia Antica
Ruins of building inside the city - Ostia Antica