It takes about a hour journey by train from Rome Termini station to Tivoli's Tiburtina Station and there's plenty to sightsee along the way!
The exterior of Tivoli's Tiburtina train station set in the Sabine hills
A quick shot of hot expresso before heading into town
The way into Tivoli town is over the Ponte Pedonale della Pace (bridge) you can see in this photo
The view from Ponte Pedonale della Pace (bridge) and the river Aniene that runs underneath it
Walking through the streets of Tivoli which is also known as a 'comune'
The lovely old buildings of Tivoli, they remind me of the ones in Venice
Street shrine on the corner of a old building in Tivoli, Italy
Interesting restaurant sign spotted in Tivoli, Italy
Antique drinking fountain with eagle carved in stone in Tivoli, Italy
Clock tower in Piazza Rivarola, Tivoli, Italy
The Piazza Rivarola in the old town Tivoli, Italy
Waterfall under the Ponte Gregoriano (bridge) Tivoli, Italy
Little Waterfalls under the Ponte Gregoriano (bridge) Tivoli, Italy
Looking at some of the Regionale trains as I depart Tivoli's Tiburtina Station for Rome Termini station