Boarding the Trenitalia high-speed train from Rome to Naples which takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes
Arrival at Naples train station and with about 30 minutes to spare before we catch our train down to Salerno
A quick wander around the train station of Naples which is the third-largest city of Italy after Rome and Milan
Angelo's Dinner, Naples, Italy
Taking the train from Naples to Salerno (where you can take the boat to towns along the Amalfi Coast) takes about 40 minutes and has lovely views of the Amalfi Coast
Passing through the train station of Ercolano, a town in Naples, Italy
Pizzaman! (with the amount of pizza I eat I could well end up looking like this so very fitting!)
The ancient city of Salerno which is located on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Campania (southwestern Italy)
From Salerno is where we catch a boat to Positano along the Amalfi Coast which takes about 1 hour
A boat similar to the one we got to Positano floats by the town of Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy
The town of Vietri sul Mare on the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy
The coastal city of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy
Natural Rock Enclave on the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy
The town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy
Arched Suspended Bridge along the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, Italy
Approaching the spectacular village of Positano onboard the boat from Salerno, Italy
Looking out over the landscape of Positano - did you know Mick Jagger and Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones wrote the song “Midnight Rambler” in a Positano café during a holiday?
As you can see in this photo the village of Positano is set into a enclave in the hills leading down to the coast, relaxing by the beach is a popular pastime here on the Amalfi Coast
Strolling along the colourful cliff side town of Positano
Probably one of the best views to paint in the whole of Italy if not the World!
The Positano Spiaggia (Positano beach) is the main beach in Positano but there are a few other secluded ones here to find too if you have the time
Exterior view of the yellow domed Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta
Inside the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta church at Positano
The alternative view of Positano facing the opposite way to what most photos of village you will see advertised
A colourful tile mural of Positano
Walking the back streets of Positano
Interesting piece of artwork here, someone enjoys fruit I think!
African shaped heads plant pot
I saw quite a few of these colourful African shaped heads plant pots dotted around the markets of Positano, they must be popular with the tourists!
Positano, Amalfi Coast - the fictional town of "Mongibello" in the 1955 novel The Talented Mr. Ripley is based on Positano
As you can imagine a lot of the restaurants in Positano have some of the most amazing views on the planet!
Beautiful sunset on the last boat out of Positano heading back to Salerno and then the long journey back to Rome, what a beautiful place the Amalfi Coast is!