Dream like thatched house in the woods near Mizuya Shrine Nara [Buy a Print]
Bronze lantern in the grounds of Kasuga taisha Nara
Row of bronze hanging lanterns in the grounds of Kasuga taisha Nara
The entrance to Kasuga taisha Nara
Many stone lanterns line the path near Wakamiya Shrine just outside Kasuga taisha Nara
Big Taiko or drums spotted in a museum on the path back to Nara station Nara
Entrance to Nara National Museum Buddhist Art Library Nara
Kofukuji Five Storied Pagoda lit up at night Nara
Japanese man watching the Sumo wrestling in Higashimuki Minamimachi Nara
Higashimuki Minamimachi shopping street Nara
Gyoki Statue with a Fountain outside Kintetsu Nara Station Nara
Welcome to Nara sign in Kintetsu Nara Station Nara
Geisha in the distance walking through a side street of Gion Kyoto
Cartoon street sign in Gion Kyoto
Street poster showing how shijo dori bridge in Gion used to look Kyoto
View from Shijo dori bridge in Gion Kyoto
Bar alongside the Shirakawa Canal in Gion Kyoto
Shirakawa Canal in Gion Kyoto
Old restaurant alongside the Shirakawa Canal that runs through Gion Kyoto
Travelling coffee sign in Gion Kyoto
Art Complex 1928 built in 1928 in central Kyoto
Slot machine mansion in downtown Kyoto
Automated Car Parking found in a back street of Gion Kyoto
Another restaurant alongside the Shirakawa Canal Gion Kyoto
Geisha saying goodbye to some clients after a night in a traditional teahouse in Gion Kyoto
Yasaka Shrine at night in Gion Kyoto
Geisha shows me the umbrella to hide her face down a back street at night in Gion Kyoto
A classic statue at the restaurant Issen Yoshoku in Gion Kyoto
Kyoto Tower lit up at night Kyoto
Looking down into the streets from the top of Kyoto Tower Kyoto
Found these Geisha models in the Kyoto Tower Kyoto
The futuristic inside Kyoto Station rebuilt in 1997 Kyoto
The Big Stairs inside Kyoto Station 171 steps studded with about 15000 LEDs Kyoto
Having a perfect meal in Kyoto station after a long day Kyoto